We scale-up industrial energy efficiency!

Our Vision: Every single factory worldwide has access to know-how for industrial energy efficiency.

How? Through Our Digital Tools

The most efficient way to manage industrial sector decarbonization projects.

01 Energy Assessment

Factories submit basic energy data. The accelerator automatically identifies and quantifies specific energy efficiency opportunities. All our tools transform this data into valuable information.
Energy Assessment

02 Impact Indicators

Our tool automatically aggregates SDG impact results of your target group and makes them visible in real-time.

Benefit: Impact can easily be shared with stakeholders.

03 Data Dashboard

Our tool aggregates and visualizes data of your target group.

Benefit: This empowers you to make evidence-based descisions.

04 Progress Panel

Easily track the progress of your target group. You will always know who submitted what and when.

Benefit: Keeps you up to date on the progress of each company.

05 Communication Cockpit

Keep the communication with your target group in one place.

Benefit: Fast and cost-effective project management.

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