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Energy Assessment

Based on user input the tool identifies and quantifies specific energy efficiency opportunities.

The Challenge Of Industry

High energy costs and the demand for green products are major challenges for industry worldwide. While energy efficient solutions are available missing information about technology and its financial implications slows down their adoptation.

Energy Efficiency Is eeasy

Upon submission of basic data on energy demand and equipment, the eeaser tool identifies, evaluates and prioritizes concrete energy efficiency solutions.

Action Plan

For each identified solution, detailed background information to ease the implementation is provided.

Engineers receive explicit recommendation for next actions.

Managers receive a financial assessment as well as recommended KPIs.

Low Costs And CO2 Emissions

Energy efficiency helps you to lower energy costs. It makes your company more competitive and meets your customers requirements for low carbon products.

The Big Picture

Industrial energy efficiency is the fastest and most cost-effective means to lower CO2 emissions. To use its potential, millions of companies need access to knowhow and advice. The eeaser tool enables factories worldwide to identify feasible efficiency solutions by doing efficiency checks and providing detailed know-how.

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