We identify efficiency measures, to reduce your energy costs. Our certified auditors perform energy audits (according to DIN EN 16247) which are funded by the federal government.

Your benefits with eeaser

Government Support

BAFA support energy audits with up to 80%.

Time saving

Digital data collection minimises the effort for your employees.


Certified auditors with experience from 
+50 audits.


After 6 months we update the report as well as the funding situation.

Industry in Change

The federal climate protection law targets a 33% reduction in emissions for industry between 2020 and 2030! 

Do you ask yourself questions like these …

  • How can we reduce emissions cost-effectively?
  • What technologies are required?
  • What funding opportunities are available?

7 steps of the energy audit

With a clear process structure and our digital tools, we minimize the effort of your employees and ensure an efficient audit.

Introductory contact

Kick-off meeting

Data collection

On-site visit



Closing meeting